Slashing Your Caffeine Expenditure by 90% or more

Energy Drink Powdered Mix – an underrated solution to stay awake for less:

Caffeine Energy Drink MixBefore I get started on today’s budget-slashing tip, the health-minded among you may suggest cutting out caffeine entirely. And you’re not at all wrong! But for those of us who are among the 63% of Americans that drink coffee daily, I found a great solution that will at least cut out the financial impact of drinking daily coffee or energy drinks.

Walmart and Target (and probably some other stores, too) sell an energy drink mix for less than $0.15 per 120 mg of caffeine.  For comparison, an 8 oz cup of coffee has 95 mg caffeine, and a 16 oz Monster has 160 mg caffeine; each of these cost orders of magnitude more than the mix.  There is the impact of the artificial sweetener to consider, if you’re inclined to believe that it’s a problem. But I prefer this idea to drinking straight-up black coffee, which is the only alternative to sweetened drinks in the caffeinated beverage category.

You can also simply buy caffeine pills and probably save even more money, but I like the mix because it encourages me to drink lots of water! Drinking plenty of water is healthy for so many reasons (but for goodness sake, don’t pay for bottled water), and this strategy is a great win-win for my wallet and my health.

Have more tips for optimizing your caffeinated beverage consumption? Feel free to chime in below in the comments section!

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